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    Exclamation Forza 4 | Universal Drift Setup

    So i've been playing forza for the past 3 or so hours and decided to take my mustang drift set up as it was pretty darn good. i wrote all the upgrades i did and the set up then went about finding a car to test it on, i used 6 test cars in the end, with only one problem not bad really.
    Heres the setup, feeling free to use it and leave a comment on what car you used, its class ie (S700) its power and torque. also post any problems you find, and finally what you think overall of the setup.

    Note if you car doesnt have a turbo or a supercharger make sure you install one if you can.
    Car MUST be rear wheel drive.

    Race Exhaust
    Race Camshaft
    Race Valves
    Race Pistons (Rotors if its a rotary engine - mazdas)
    Race Turbo/Supercharger
    Race Oil Cooling
    Race Brakes
    Race Springs
    Race Rollcage
    Race weight
    For drivetrain upgrade everything to Race.
    Stock Tyres
    You can use whatever wheels and size you like.
    Any body kit, not the adjustable ones
    The Set up
    Tyre Pressures
    Front: 30.0
    Rear: 30.0
    Final Drive: 3.46
    1st: 2.89
    2nd: 2.18
    3rd: 1.63
    4th: 1.26
    5th: 1.00
    6th: 0.85
    Front: -3.0
    Rear: -1.0
    Front: -0.5
    Rear: 0.5
    Front: 5.0
    Front: 773.5
    Rear: 845.5
    Ride height
    Both front and rear to the far left (low as possible)
    Front: 6.8
    Rear: 8.0
    Front: 6.2
    Rear: 7.7
    Balance: 60%(Front)
    Pressure: 100%
    Accel: 100%
    Decel: 100%

    Test Cars
    1BMW M3 2008
    Class: S666
    Power: 746HP
    Torque: 479lb-ft
    Gears 3 and 4
    Mazda Rx-8 mazdaspeed
    Class: S619
    Power: 567HP
    Torque: 349lb-ft
    Gears 2 and 3. mainly 2nd, 3rd needed for long fast corners
    Mazda Rx-7 1997
    Class: S628
    Power: 504HP
    Torque: 361lb-ft
    Gears 3 and 4
    Toyota AE86 (Truneo 1985)
    Class: A566
    Power: 316HP
    Torque: 232lb-ft
    Gears 2 and 3
    Note couldn't use the spring set up as it didnt go high enough so i used
    Front: 600.5
    Rear: 695.5
    If you have this problem then use this instead.

    Nissan Silvia Spec-R (year 2000)
    Class: S618
    Power: 563HP
    Torque: 395lb-ft
    Gears 2 and 3
    Jaguar XFR
    Class: S646
    Power: 693HP
    Torque: 560lb-ft
    Gears 3 and 4
    I also have a supra set up with this set up, but its yet to be tested.

    All 6 tests i did drifted very similar. There easy to use but not for beginners. feel free to try these out or try it on any car you have.

    A lot of effort has gone into this so please try it, even if its a car that you have 100% discount its takes no more than 5 minutes to setup.


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    Default Re: Forza 4 | Universal Drift Setup

    On forza 3 I always found it so much better drifting with a 4WD car. I had a peugeot 206 RC at 720 BHP with short gear ratios, meant I could bounce off the limitter easily whilst drifting to control it more. Is it any different on number 4?

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    Default Re: Forza 4 | Universal Drift Setup

    4wd drifting doesn't count



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